Another Brixton blogger on board

My name is Kim Winter, and I’ve joined Kristina, Karen and the rest of the Makerhood team (obviously your name doesn’t have to begin with K to get involved, but it may help! 😉 ).

I’m a freelance editor – I used to be managing editor of Which? magazine, and I’ve spent the last couple of years helping to launch an Indian version of Which?. I’ve lived in Brixton for nearly 25 years, and I also run the Brixton Windmill blog (the building, not the pub!).

I got involved with Makerhood because I’m currently doing a course in creative and experimental textiles at Morley College near Waterloo (my Flextiles blog records my various experiments).  I’ve been trying to sell some of my (successful) results at various local sales. While there I’ve talked to other makers and realised it can be difficult for individuals to reach local people who might be interested in buying their stuff.

So I think Makerhood is a great idea. There’s a real creative buzz around Brixton at the moment, and I’m excited about being part of it. With my journalistic background I’ll be helping with the website and blog, and interviewing and writing features on local makers. So if you’re planning to sell through Makerhood, I’ll be in touch!

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