First Monday of the Month: Monthly update

As we rapidly approach the launch of our Beta site, this is an attempt to sum up what’s happened over the past month, and where possible look at what’s coming up.

Our intention is to provide this monthly update at the start of the month, with it in the form of a proper newsletter in due course. Until then, we’ll post the update on the blog. Happy Reading!


Makers’ Meetings

We’ve held six Makers’ Meetings in the past month. These have offered us a great opportunity to explain the project to potential sellers and get their feedback on our emerging online marketplace. As a result of these sessions we’ve been able to fix lots of bugs and also identified questions and issues which we might have missed.

Feedback from the sessions about Makerhood has been great, and attendees also welcomed the chance to meet fellow Makers. A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended.

Due to popular demand, we’ve added one more session on Thursday 7 July, 6.30pm, Cafe Roha (103, Acre Lane). Please book in the form at the bottom of this page please

You can read what local photographer Laura Ward said about the session she attended on her blog.


Local People love the idea of Makerhood

During June we published the results of an online survey which asked people about the Makerhood concept and the philosophy behind it. From great quotes to five key conclusions, the input from 106 people who took part has been invaluable. If you don’t want to read the full post outlining the key conclusions, spend 30 seconds looking at some nice graphs which sum up your thoughts.


People who inspire us

We’ve started to produce irregular interviews with local people who have inspired us. These have proved to be very popular, so we’ll have more in future months. Check out previous interviews with artist Pam Williams, Urban Art Fair’s Tim Sutton and Stockwell based Sweet View.

Not to be out done, Kristina also did her own video with VisionOntv after the OpenTech conference at which she spoke. Click here to watch the five minute Makerhood OpenTech video.


Meet Us and Get Involved

Finally just a reminder of some pre launch meetings we have coming up, including drinks, which you are very welcome to join us at!

If you want to volunteer with Makerhood, as well as sell your wares, then our doors are always open. In the past month we’ve been very lucky to have Kim, Chris and Viv join us, but we’re always hungry for more help. So if you want to get involved in whatever way you can, email us: – and let’s chat!

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