Lambeth Business Awards

Great news – Makerhood has been shortlisted for the Lambeth Business Awards, in the category “Commitment to the Community”.

Several makers provided glowing testimonials describing how Makerhood had helped boost their confidence to start selling, develop their business and form close ties with other makers. Many thanks to you all – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Karen Martin, one of the directors of Makerhood, said: “Makerhood entered the Lambeth Business Awards to get recognition and publicity for our local community of wonderful makers and supporters. Makerhood has already helped so many people, and we hope the publicity from Lambeth Business Awards will raise the profile of this community even more, help them move forward and attract other opportunities.”

And what’s even better is that Kimalie Darlington of DK Darlington, who sells his menswear brand Young Fox through Makerhood, is also on the shortlist for Best Young Entrepreneur. Good luck to him too!


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