Lambeth Champions

Last month, at a ceremony at Lambeth Town Hall, Karen, Kristina and Kim of Makerhood received a Lambeth Champions award for their contribution to the local community.

The ceremony was hosted by leader of the council Steve Read,  and Mayor of Lambeth Clive Bennett. Altogether, 18 groups and individuals from across Lambeth received awards.

Karen, Kristina and Kim were nominated by Makerhood member Maya Kar of Bright Side Dark Side, who said: “Kristina and Karen have been the driving force behind Makerhood (an online marketplace and community for Brixton, Camberwell, Clapham, Herne Hill and Stockwell). With Kim, they have worked hard to make this project a fantastic source of support for local makers, and those who want to buy from or network with us. They have organised social events and workshops and have provided a lot of local people with the information, support, and enthusiasm to get a long-nurtured project off the ground.”

Thanks Maya!

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