Pop-up market in Brixton Village – sales opportunity for Makerhood makers

After the success of last year’s Makerhood pop-up market, Adrian Flower, the owner of Studio 73, is organising it again this year. It’s a nice chance for makers to sell their work in the busy Brixton Village in the run-up to Christmas.

The opportunity is open to Makerhood members  who have an online stall on brixton.makerhood.com, and the focus is on supporting local creative work.

Visual art and design, paper goods, accessories as well as small garments are all very welcome. Food and clothing (except smaller ones like scarves) are excluded as they are not covered by the Studio 73 retail licence.

Dates: any Saturdays and Sundays in October, November, December
Trading times: 10am -5pm (set up at 9.30am)
Cost: £20 for half a table a day, or £30 for a weekend

Please contact Adrian Flower directly (email info@adrianflower.co.uk, mobile 07811 329 939) to book or if you have any questions.

We hope the market is a great success this year too!


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