Foxtrot Designs on Makerhood stall

A few weeks ago we ran a survey among our makers asking about how they had benefited from joining Makerhood and which benefits they valued the most.

As an incentive to get people to answer we offered free space on our stall at Brixton Makers’ Market on 8 December.

We can now announce that the winner is…Nancy Sealy of Foxtrot Designs UK! Nancy is based in Brixton and makes a range of handmade gifts using a wide variety of materials, including recycled leather, clay, fabric, yarn and more.

She also supplies beautiful ethical yarn – great if you’re into knitting, crocheting or any type of textile or fibre arts.

Tomorrow we’ll have a range of Nancy’s handcrafted earrings and buttons, as well as spectacle cases and purses made from recycled leather – all perfect stocking fillers!

We’re going to be very busy tomorrow, as we’re also giving space to the Brixton Society, which will be offering a guided tour of the market at 2.30pm. So come down to Brixton Makers’ Market on Station Road tomorrow and have a look!

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