Making Uncovered: explore, learn and celebrate craft

Join us for a unique showcase of arts and crafts on 20 April at Brixton East Gallery. 

Ben lathe small

As makers we spend a great deal of time alone, toiling away behind closed doors and largely hidden from view. Most of the time it’s not much of a problem; we’re happy doing what we love doing, producing things that hopefully people will admire or, even better, buy. But what a shame that the public, many of whom are inspired by the creativity and skill required to make a beautiful art or craftwork, rarely get the opportunity to witness that process in action.

Brixton East

Motivated by this idea, Makerhood has decided it’s time the hidden world of artists and craftspeople has its moment in the limelight. On 20 April we will be hosting Making Uncovered, a one-day event at the gorgeous Brixton East gallery that will give you the opportunity to experience first hand the techniques skilled makers use to produce their work.

We’re not quite sure what will happen when we bring a group of talented local makers together under one roof. Probably quite a bit of noise, maybe a bit of a mess – but also, undoubtedly, a unique and exciting showcase of the making processes that we rarely get to see.

Over a dozen different crafts will be on show. We’ll have willow weaving, traditional woodturning, African jewellery, embroidery, felting, soap making, painting, printing and much more. The event will be free, and there will be some paid-for workshops you’ll be able to book in advance.

And after a day of creative inspiration we’ll have a party to celebrate, talk, share ideas and spend time together over a drink. Expect wonderful bands, comedians, DJs and a pop-up choir.

The dedicated team of volunteers who are working hard to put on this exciting event are busy finalising the programme and will be back with more information soon. Meanwhile follow @makinguncovered and look out for further blog posts to find out more details as they’re confirmed.

We’re really excited about this event – it’s our most ambitious to date. We’re looking forward to seeing you for a day of creativity, inspiration and fun.

Craft showcases and workshops will run 11am- 6pm, and the evening event is 6pm – 10:30pm. Brixton East Gallery is at 100 Barrington Road, SW9 7JF – 5 minutes’ walk from Brixton tube.

Pictured above is Ben Willis, a green woodworker and author of this post, who will be showing his techniques at the event. The image below is from a Makerhood workshop.


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