Unlock your imagination: aboriginal art workshop

 AboAneta Srodon of Anetart  has a passion for aboriginal painting, abstract art and photography.

At Making Uncovered Aneta will run a workshop in acrylic painting on canvas aimed at unlocking individual creativity.  The workshop is suitable for adults and accompanied children, and costs £15 – 4 spaces are available. Book here.

Tell us about your style of painting

I practise dot painting derived from the culture of Australian Aborigines. I love this technique because in addition to the artistic and creative side, it helps people find relaxation by focusing on an activity carried out carefully.

What will happen at your workshop?

My workshop at Making Uncovered on 20 April is called “Aboriginal inspirations'”. It will encourage people to explore their creativity through dot painting. This original but simple technique gives remarkable decorative effects. No special artistic talens are required. It all depends on your imagination and improvisation. The participants will use the techniques I show them to create their own compositions.

I will provide all the materials, and everyone taking part will take their canvas home with them.


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