What does local mean for you? Help us shape Makerhood in Lambeth!

As you may know, having run projects in Brixton and Norwood, we’re working to expand Makerhood’s work to other parts of Lambeth. Key to how we do this is a definition of “local” – since Makerhood is all about promoting local makers and building local connections. We have our views on local, and we’re very interested in yours! So please tell us, and help us shape the project – whether you’re in Lambeth or elsewhere, we’re keen to understand what “local” means to you.

We’d be really grateful for a few minutes of your time to do our quick online survey. By doing this you’ll help support local creativity and skills – and get a chance to win a hamper from the wonderful Brixton Cornercopia full of delicious local foods! It’s worth £50.

Link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/makerhood

Thank you very much!


The image is by Andy Broomfield, and shows Ray Stanbrook and Kerry Eggleton collaborating at their stall at Making Uncovered, organised by Makerhood.

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