Diverse Christmas 2014 promotion

We’re thrilled to be partnering again with Anita Thorpe of Diverse in Brixton on a Christmas promotion for Lambeth makers!

This is a great opportunity to get experience of selling through an independent retailer – Anita is very supportive and full of useful advice on what a retailer expects from suppliers.

The promotion will run for two months, from 8 November to 11 January, and is open to Makerhood members only. Commission is 35% of the selling price, on a sale or return basis.

Makers who have not taken part in previous promotions will need to attend an interview with Anita in October. Makers who have participated previously do not need an interview but must offer some new designs (selection will be based on submitted images).

Priority will be given to makers who can also offer demonstrations or workshops throughout the promotion.

We will be organising a private view and discount shopping evening to launch the promotion, probably on Thursday 6 November.

If you are interested in taking part, please email images of your work – or a link to your website/business social media pages – together with details of the selling price and a few details about you, to  info@diversegifts.co.uk.

Closing date for submissions is midnight Monday 22 September. All applicants will be informed of the outcome by 30 September.

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